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Originally Posted by Gary English View Post
You all have good points, especially "whats it matter if all they see is tail lights" lol
i just thought the grill should have been more retro ,I mean come on we're in the retro years ,the 4th generation was futuristic enough, it was getting to the point where all the cars were looking like door wedge stoppers(that you use under the door to keep it open)
Chrysler ,nah ,they goffed with the 4-door Charger ,they could have called it a satelite or coronet, but no they goofed. Ford did well with the Mustang ,I almost wanted one till the girl across the street brought one home and I drove it ,still rides like a 69 mustang,rough! Camaros' and Firebirds have always been a favorite ,rode better ,and steered much better. Now if Pontiac would join the band wagon and put out a T/A ,the narrow front could retro to the 78 T/A's, but who knows.
well I've said my thoughts ,guess whats done is done ,how come they didnt ask us first ,huh? lol

I agree on the rough riding new Mustangs... a friend of mine got a new GT and much to my great disapproval wanted me to ride down the road with her... It took a lot to get up and go and it was rough as all get out! I wasn't impressed at all!

To answer the overall question: I have ALWAYS loved the whole car! Like I have said before, I don't like the gauges inside the car because of the reason stated before... It will be hard to see just exactly how fast you're going and it will be hard to argue out of a ticket lol But I also believe they will change that up and make it a bit easier to read
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