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Originally Posted by upflying View Post
Nope. We traded the 1LT over at Lexus in Oakland right by the Coliseum and my wife put down a nice down payment and got herself a 2012 Chrysler 300. On the other hand, i was already pre approved for a loan so all i had to do was find my Camaro.

Originally Posted by Frank in MD View Post
I realize you're asking about mods, not about the accident but my advice would be don't settle out of pocket. The guy will stiff you, I hope you got his info including insurance. Go through insurance, no matter how minor.

Congratulations on the SS, I'm partial to white myself.
I took a picture of his drivers License and his insurance information. He seems like a good guy. He has followed up with me, he gave me info on the body shop he got a quote from and it is less than his deductible. All matters is for my baby to be fixed. It sucks man. First day and i get hit. My wife use to work for All State and she basically said we'll be fine. The mall has outside Cameras so i think we're good there if he tried to turn the story over.

Thanks for the input everybody! I will look in to flowmaster! I want the sound of my V8 to unleash!

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