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A little help on wheel/tire setup/advice

First and foremost, we like to travel all over, and like to keep the car very drivable in many different weather conditions. Wife is getting into more HPDE and truly enjoying it. And I want to support her in every way I can. Which brings me the ol' wheel/tire setup.

Even upgrading to 6-piston CTS-V brakes over the winter, just waiting on a couple parts before the install begins. She is very excited about a bigger brake setup.

And with the wealth of information and knowledge on this forum, it can become a little confusing to what we want to do, and what is needed or best for us in how we use our car, for fun and for travel. We are talking about maybe 8-10 HPDE events next year.

Currently, we have stock size wheels and tires (Vreds ultra vorti) and not having any issues. The Vorti's are great tires, and in wet weather, about as solid as a HP summer tire as I have ever been on. And trust me, driving through the mountains with rain so hard you can't see past the hood and never once felt the tires loose traction. And I accept there is give and take when it comes to performance tires on the track, and daily use in wet weather, again our track time if for fun, not shooting for any bragging rights.

What I am wanting to do, if this is a solid path to take for us, to go with 19" wheels. Like a 19x9 up front and 19x10 in the rears. I think this would give me a lot of flexibility in the different sizes and manufacture options for tires. I really like the Vredestein Vorti's, but could be convinced a better tire for daily use and track could be used. The wheels we currently have are cast, and I will be going to a forged wheel this winter to help in strength and weight.

Does my wheel sizes sound like a good choice in what we do with our car? Or anyone have better tire options? Will I see/feel in difference in handling with going to 19's and lighter weight?

Thoughts? Good? Bad? stay with what I got for tires and just upgrade the wheels?

The car has a multitude of upgrades, all suspension upgraded and supercharged.
BMR Suspension, SLPTVS2300, GFORCE Driveshaft & HalfShafts, Kooks with cutouts and other fun things.
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