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Originally Posted by frenchsquared View Post
18's give you the most tire options at the best cost. 19's are limited and cost more.

I agree with 2 sets of wheels. I get 4 days out of a set of track tires. There are no GREAt track tires that are also GREAT in cold weather or wet weather. It just doesn't work that way.

I am going to run RE-71's as my street and track tire. I will then use R7's from time to time to show off on the track.
How does the Z/28 work with "street tires"? I've only driven one with Hoosiers on and it was amazing! The Re-71 is a good tire but compared to the Pirellis or Hoosiers it's not even close. Does the Z/28 still lap well without r-comps?

Sorry to thread jack, I'm just curious.
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