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Originally Posted by Notilloc View Post
Just curious, why not have a street wheel/tire and a track wheel/tire? Cheap cast wheels are fine for the street, then use the forged wheels for the track? This way you don't have to compromise at all, you can have a street friendly tire and a more aggressive track tire.
Well, I do have Summer and Winter tire sets, but we drive all over for HPDE tracks, they are not local. I have my winter tires on my OEM wheels and swap those out for winter driving (the car is not a DD). So a 4 hour drive to a track, in potential wet conditions on a TRACK tire would be dangerous. So I guess I am looking at a HP tire that can do well in wet conditions, not necessarily in COLD conditions. I have Continental DWS for my winter setup. I don't mind a little compromise and would love to have a set of ONLY track tires, but not possible based on traveling to different tracks and needing to pack all those tire and gear along with clothes to stay overnight.

Originally Posted by frenchsquared View Post
18's give you the most tire options at the best cost. 19's are limited and cost more.

I agree with 2 sets of wheels. I get 4 days out of a set of track tires. There are no GREAt track tires that are also GREAT in cold weather or wet weather. It just doesn't work that way.

I am going to run RE-71's as my street and track tire. I will then use R7's from time to time to show off on the track.
How do you guys haul a set of wheels to HPDE or Auto-crossing in your Camaro? Don't be all like, trailer it..not gonna happen. Heck, just packing for a weekend with clothes and tools fills up the car, couldn't imagine trying to get 4 full tires in this car and being comfortable. Now if the track was in my backyard (local), I could easily do this.

When you say 19's are limited and cost more, are you talking tires? I never considered 18's, will have to think about that a little bit more. Appreciate the help guys.
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