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Originally Posted by Notilloc View Post
How does the Z/28 work with "street tires"? I've only driven one with Hoosiers on and it was amazing! The Re-71 is a good tire but compared to the Pirellis or Hoosiers it's not even close. Does the Z/28 still lap well without r-comps?

Sorry to thread jack, I'm just curious.

I cannot tell you for a few months. I finished this year on Trofeos. I know a few 2017 SS 1LE's on street tires and they are doing amazing.

The issue is $2400 for 4 tires over 4 days. Add in pads and you are at $1000 per day. Next, the OP wants rain... and the OP is going to see cold mornings. The Trofeos or Hoosiers are faster on the track. Everyone knows that. But if you having fun and experiencing new tracks. You don't need them. You need a better street tire. Another think to remember is these are new tracks for the OP. Why waste the money on track tires until you know the racing line. Go have fun at half the cost and be safer.

I have spent countless hours researching tires and asking guys at the track about them. I settled on the RE-71 for the life and performance on 4,000lb BMWs. Those guys love them and they hold up.
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