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Ok...picked up the car today and drove straight to the muffler shop after letting the wife drive it around a little. By the time I got to the shop I have about 35 miles on it.

I only have pics at the moment. I accidentally left the camcorder at home but I plan on getting some video this week.

Here is my conclusion:
For the money this is a GREAT upgrade! The stock exhaust is just way to quiet and although this is still not extremely loud it is a nice deep tone and is loud enough to slightly here it in the cabin even with the music up some. I am very happy with the sound.

Because this is done by hand the welds aren't quite as nice as I would like but again for the price I can't complain at all and as long as you're not under the car you'll never see them. The shop also used standard aluminized exhaust pipe instead of stainless steel but again for the money and the fact that I'll probably change out this system to a 3" one once I get headers I can't complain at all.
I would say that if I had a little extra money I might have gone with the SOLO Mach-X but since I'll be able to buy a Hurst Shifter with the left over money I'm still glad I went this route.

The shop originally quoted me $130 to do it all but he started complaining that it took a little longer than he thought. I ended up giving him $150 but I bet he charges around the $175 range next time. So I have $173 in parts plus $150 in labor for a total of $325. I would’ve had about $225 in this setup if I decided to not go with the Magnaflow tips. I'm glad I choose the Magnaflow tips but the factory ones are not bad at all and I'm sure most will just re-use the factory ones.

I would definitely recommend this combination to anyone (resonated X-pipe, no resonators, muffler delete). If you have a little extra money then I would say go with a SOLO Mach-X for $750. If you're budget minded go with the local shop and spend $225-$350 depending on the tips.
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