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Originally Posted by PolishMike View Post
Ive said this in other threads -

Every time I see someone offer a MODIFICATION for a car someone asks if it will void the warranty. In short -

Every modification will void some part of your warranty. A dealer has no responsibility to fix, under warranty, anything that was modified after it left the dealership and trust me, they WILL use every excuse possible.

It is good to know your rights, but it takes money to use them and the dealerships know this. It is usually going to be cheaper to repair the car yourself than fight it out in court. I know that the dealer will eventually be required to pay lawyer fees IF you win, but you will still be out a lot of money up front and your car will be down in the meantime.

I have a decent background modifying cars and dealing with dealerships and my message is this - If you cannot afford to pay to fix something YOU broke modifying your car, DO NOT MODIFY IT.
While I don't 100% agree with the statement that every aftermarket part will void some part of your warranty, I 100% agree with the statement that if you don't want to take a chance don't add aftermarket parts.

Originally Posted by Dr Jkel View Post
All the more reason for this question, If GM installs the Mods on your car, GM Performance exhaust, and GM shorty headers, options from the factory albeit not available it should be like anything else on the car, Warrantied, Right?
The beauty of the GMPP accessories installed by an approved GM dealer is that they don't affect your warranty. They have been tested and verified with your car.

Originally Posted by carguy View Post
Absolutely Untrue....

Under the Magnuson-Moss Act, a dealer must prove, not just vocalize, that aftermarket equipment caused the need for repairs before it can deny warranty coverage. If the dealer cannot prove such a claim or it proffers a questionable explanation it is your legal right to demand compliance with the warranty. The Federal Trade Commission administers the Magnuson-Moss Act and monitors compliance with warranty law.

Thanks SEMA we love ya man...

Read more:

My dealer replaced My tranny after Supercharger installed LT headers, flow thru cats, Corsa exhaust, RIP shift short throw shifter, Hennesy CAI and Tune... They even did all the installs!

Also replaced a friends Tranny twice who had same setup as mine...He blew second gear twice from miss shifting and they repaired it with new tranny twice.

In summary if they can prove the mods actually caused the failure than your out of luck. My dealer didn't even blink. Just fixed and quickly !
Completely agree. The act does put the onus on the dealer to prove that the mod broke your car. But I would caution here that there is a lot of margin here. For example, you add a CAI intake which ups the HP on your car. You break the output shaft on the transmission. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to make a connection there whether it was related or not. Now, we know there were early issues with output shafts and maybe you have a dealer that will replace it under warranty with no questions asked about the CAI. But are you willing to take that chance? As someone else posted in another thread, you have to pay to play and if you aren't willing to pay then don't take the chance with add major mods.

Originally Posted by BA-Jackpot View Post
It dosn't matter if you have it in writing or not. If you get a product from GM or GE. The warranty is a gimmic to get your money. The dealers ( and companies) for the most part, will try everything they can to get out of helping you.
I totally disagree. I have a great dealer who has been awesome about any warranty work. And in general, GM hasn't pushed back on the many warranty related items that I have been involved in. However, GM runs a for-profit business and it is not in their best interest to just go fixing every issue free of charge when the problem truly does originate from an add-on that the car owner installed or had installed. Put yourself in GM's shoes and look at each case as if it was your business. Some you would bend on and some you won't. Plan and simple.

Bottom line: if you can't pay to play, don't mess with your car.
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