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Originally Posted by camaropete View Post
While I don't 100% agree with the statement that every aftermarket part will void some part of your warranty, I 100% agree with the statement that if you don't want to take a chance don't add aftermarket parts.

The beauty of the GMPP accessories installed by an approved GM dealer is that they don't affect your warranty. They have been tested and verified with your car.

Completely agree. The act does put the onus on the dealer to prove that the mod broke your car. But I would caution here that there is a lot of margin here. For example, you add a CAI intake which ups the HP on your car. You break the output shaft on the transmission. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to make a connection there whether it was related or not. Now, we know there were early issues with output shafts and maybe you have a dealer that will replace it under warranty with no questions asked about the CAI. But are you willing to take that chance? As someone else posted in another thread, you have to pay to play and if you aren't willing to pay then don't take the chance with add major mods.

I totally disagree. I have a great dealer who has been awesome about any warranty work. And in general, GM hasn't pushed back on the many warranty related items that I have been involved in. However, GM runs a for-profit business and it is not in their best interest to just go fixing every issue free of charge when the problem truly does originate from an add-on that the car owner installed or had installed. Put yourself in GM's shoes and look at each case as if it was your business. Some you would bend on and some you won't. Plan and simple.

Bottom line: if you can't pay to play, don't mess with your car.
Looks like you guys are right. It all depends what kind of people are working at your dealership. I bought my Camaro from Jim Bishop Chevrolet. Then went back and bought a gmc acadia. Then I had a problem with the clutch not coming up when I took off. I knew how to do a launch, But didnt at the time. And yet the dealer said it was something I done. Went another dealer and they just kept asking me why I had a different set of tires on the back and a CAI. None of there business really. And Nothing to do with the problem. The other dealer did check the car out though. AND put a new tailshaft seal! SO I traded the car to them for a new Chevy 4 door truck. I wont do business with the Jim Bishop guys again. I will continue to give the other guys my money until they show me that they dont want it.
And I think these forums are a great tool for anyone who wants to know where the good guys are. People will drive a long way to deal with someone with the right attitude.
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