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Originally Posted by mwt18 View Post
No disrespect, but if you're going to be on here representing GM, please have your facts straight. You're supposed to be the resident expert, here..

Below is the page in the warranty booklet. (The highlighted text was used to make a different point in another thread. It's not relevant to this specific topic.)
Bullet point 2 says that if you damage the car during racing, the warranty will not cover repairs.
First of all, I want to be clear. I am not on here representing GM. I don't work for GM and I have no affiliation with GM. So please don't make assumptions about me. I was reading directly from the Chevy Warranty Web Site, so I apologize for missing the exact wording from whatever manual you have copied that excerpt from.

For more detail, there is actually this statement in the Owner's Manual under Competitive Driving:

Competitive Driving
Competitive driving may affect the vehicle warranty. See the warranty book before using the vehicle for racing or other competitive driving.
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