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Originally Posted by Shadowmind View Post
There is a VERY high probability that the SS series will be a limited production run. With the new CAFE standards that are passed, GM will not be able to reasonably make the SS with a V8 to meet those standards. At least not for another decade. My hypothesis is that 2012 will be Camaro's last run year, or.. They'll gut it to the point that it has no power. But definitely, the SS will not be around by then.

The '10 SS will in all likelihood become the '69 SS collector's idol of the future.

But that still doesn't give dealerships the right to gouge us 20% over MSRP... Considering they win on invoice, plus 3% holdbacks, not to mention, they don't have to advertise the vehicle. It's simply, plain robbery.
I don't agree with your analysis about the future of the Camaro. This car was designed with these standards in mind. That is the reason they chose a direct injection V6 and the L99. The standards you speak of don't go into full effect until 2016 which is after this generation of Camaro will be redesigned.
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