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Originally Posted by pruettfan View Post
I don't agree with your analysis about the future of the Camaro. This car was designed with these standards in mind. That is the reason they chose a direct injection V6 and the L99. The standards you speak of don't go into full effect until 2016 which is after this generation of Camaro will be redesigned.
Given a choice between a thirsty corvette, the Chevy icon, and thirsty Camaro V8, in addition to all of the thirsty trucks GM makes, GM will reduce its line-up to better 'average' its MPG consumption.

The CAFE standards not only require a maker to have an average MPG on its vehicle line up, but it also sets new standards to testing the validity of MPG on the sticker. We all know that the sticker MPG is typically 25% more than the actual MPG of the vehicle.

Also bear in mind a few, 'right now' goings on.

GM is about to file bankruptcy. I don't think there is any way for them to avoid it right now. Through the bankruptcy, large chunks of GM are going to be severed off. Once the bankruptcy is complete, the company will be a shell of what it was several years ago. They will have no possible revenue to 'redesign' any vehicle they currently have on the market right now, to meet those standards. They're more likely to stop production on thirsty vehicles and sell mass inventory instead until things pick up.

The government, won't lend them anymore $$, to redevelop 'performance' cars either.

The LS99 is a great technology, but they'd need to overhaul it, and combine the variable cylinder tech with the HCCI to get some real gains in MPG. Combine that with Hybrid cell tech in the Camaro and they 'may' have something by 2016.

But seriously.... Do you think they're going to devote several billion more dollars on a HCCI V4/8 Hybrid SS Camaro within the next decade?

Neither do I.

This may be the last breed of SS we see for awhile. But again, I can't stomach dealers marking up a vehicle 30%, that looses 60% of its value out the door, that "might" become a collectors car in 20 years.
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