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Originally Posted by camaro500 View Post
I am going to buy full rear cradle bushings and want to know how your DIY experience went and if the upgrade was worth the 250$+ and the roughly 6 hours to install?
6 hours to install sub-frame bushngs

Camaro Sub-frame bushings are easy to install if you have four jack stands, two floor jacks a a propane torch.

1. Put the car on jack stands.
2. Set your floor jack under the differential
3. Remove one sub-frame bolt, screw it back in 1/2" and repeat on the remaining three
4. Remove two sub-frame bolts on either the driver or passenger side
5. Lower the jack under the differential just enough to place a 1" socket in between the top of the sub-frame bush ferule
6. Use the second floor jack to lift the corner of the sub-frame with the socket.
7. Add pressure once you are sure the socket is secure between the top of the bushing ferule and the 'frame' rail in the monocoque
8 when you start to lift the car off the jackstand heat the metal that surrounds the sub-frame bushing.
9. keep heating until the bushing falls on the floor
10. Repeat three more times

In a shop this takes an hour once the car is on the lift. In your home garage it takes two hours.

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All bushings are not created equal.

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