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"My bad" are correct, you have to be careful in choosing a wheel cleaner. (I don't see mentioning a "chemical cleaner"/"commercial wheel polish". )That being said, there are many products offered, which are "clear coat safe", which is why I referred to Mothers/Meguires. I've used both on clear coated rims on car such as C6's, Mercedes Benz, BMW, etc., with no problems. My method has been to soak each wheel with water, spray with cleaner and polish/clean, rinse, dry, and add polish. I have yet to have any problems. And I'm not saying Zaino is THE ONLY product out there. Abygale mentioned using Zaino, and that as well as using it myself on wheels, is why I suggest polishing with Zaino.

Zymol is another good product. Its just my opinion/experience, that if you're looking for durability, Zaino is hard to beat.

*And I DO NOT get any benefit(s) from Zaino, etc., for my comments regarding their products *


Originally Posted by NVMY68SS View Post

I know you are the Zaino Afficianodo around here, but I would never apply any of the commercial wheel polishes or chemical cleaners to a clearcoated wheel. They are for metal surfaces, not coated. This is asking for a wheel to get etched if left sitting too long.


I've been using Zymol, NOT Zaino to clean and polish my wheels as well as paint. The good thing about Zymol is that it will give a slightly darker appearance to whatever surface it's applied to as it replaces the oils in the finish. It's great for the wheels as well and it's available everywhere and there's no mixing and multiple coats required to achieve better results.

Also, as for cleaning the wheels, I'd also try clay-barring them. My car was in QC for 35 days and it was nasty when it arrived. I clay-barred the whole car, including the glass, and wheels. It made a big difference when applying my Zymol.

Good luck with whatever you do, but I'd read that label and make sure it says safe for clear coated surfaces.
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