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I really don't believe the L99 will be any slower than the LS3....

I wonder if the hp and tq curves are identical (minus the 5% drivetrain efficiency of the manual compared to the automatic) up to the 400hp of the l99.

Was just reading a magazine test of the LS3 in the gXP G8 and it reported 4.5 seconds to 60mph for both automatic and manual trannys ...

Quarter mile times were 13.0 @ 109mph.

The G8 GXP is probably 300 to 400 lbs heavier than the camaro show we should see some dam impressive times for the new v8 camaro...

zero to 60 times of 4.2/4.3 are possible...

Thats dam fast if you ask me................

I wouldn't hestitate to order up the L99 with the six speed paddle shift automatic.

Probably better designed to suit the automatic tranny than the ls3 anyway.
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