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Originally Posted by 2ndCamaro79 View Post
Sweeeeeeeeeeet, my only question is why did the magazines not test a auto ZL1 Road & Track as well as Automobile Magazine were quoted as saying there was one there during testing Posting the auto ZL1 times could have avoided the times for the ZL1 being all over the place.
Easy answer. The insecure writers at the car magazines always select the slower manual transmission. You see it all the time when they test the Porsches. They always pick the manual instead of the faster PDK. Sometimes Porche only supplies PDK then they are forced to review that. I guess it makes them feel more like men to drive the manual transmission. Of course most of the readers chose automatics so who are these idiots at the magazines serving when they only review manual equipped cars? When was the last time you saw a mustang with automatic transmision being reviewed?
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