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Originally Posted by ZZcamaro View Post
It does not mean a darn thing if you pre-ordered or not...

I would say that since you are probably going to get your car before some of us who ordered more than 6 months ago...You may want to keep it quiet when you take delivery. If not there may be a mob of pissed off Camaro fans trying to find you!!!
That's the thing. Everyone is different. It really depends on a lot of factors. If you are #1 at your dealership chances are better for someone who is at the last car on the dealer's allocation. I tried to pick a dealer that does a lot of sales volume. They have a Corvette showroom above the Chevy showroom and tend to rake in a lot of high performance car sales.

I pre-ordered back in Dec, and that did not speed up the GM process since they did not accept the order months later, it only made me 1st in line at the dealership.
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