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Installed a few mods today

It's pretty nice out today, finally, so I was able to install the CAI intake, rotofab W/W relocation reservoir, and ADM air scoop. All WITH OUT taking off my wheel!!!

I've had them in the garage for a few weeks, and wanted to do them all at once, so I was waiting for a friend to bring me my jack, and then barrow some jack stands...but I got tired of waiting and just did it on my slanted driveway w/o taking off the wheel. I removed the wheel well and had at it. The CAI intake and W/W were pretty easy, it was the air scoop that was a pain in the ASS! Though I wouldn't recommend this way if you have access to a jack and stands, it is possible to be done. Used a sharp box cutter and cut the piece off the plastic air break as needed, put the scoop in place. However, the horn bolt and nut caused an issue, the nut is either painted or welded on so I couldn't bolt up that brace. but should hold fine with the stock W/W bolt used on the inside of the air scoop.
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