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After reading a few posts - I simply came here to respond to a couple of them because I realized that too many people don't understand what the original intent of the Z/28 really was.......:

go back and read the history of WHY the Z28 was introduced in the first place.

Don't 'guess' and don't try to 'interpret' - because some of us were actually around back then! (I didn't mean that as a shot -- but.......)

Tidbit: the 1967 Z28 didn't have Z28 anywhere on the car - it was simply an option code (RPO) that essentially said: "This is the car we're building to compete in SCCA's Trans Am racing series. All others beware!" It was not meant to be a daily driver - and this new Z/28 is not meant to be a daily driver. it will "separate the men from the boys" so to speak....... If you want comfort -- this is not the car for you.....

We stayed true to the original intent. Want a stereo radio? Go buy a ZL1 or a
1LE or an SS and make mods.

The Z/28 is essentially a race car.

Sorry that some of you don't like that.....but we have to make hard decisions and I stand behind this Z/28 'til the cows come home.

I don't like to be this abrupt - but I'm operating on very little sleep - it's been a long week -- and frankly my patience is running a bit thin with people who don't understand what a Z/28 really is meant to be........

(....oh - and for those of you who are nay-sayers? I wish you could have heard the remarks about the new Z/28 - people at the unveil were blown away.......)
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