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Originally Posted by Pt_killa View Post
For the sts guys that did their own install did you have to take the oil pressure gauge plug out and insert a t fitting? If so, do you know the type of screw and did they provide another way to capture the oil pressure? I'm trying to build a kit and want as much help as I can get from the community.
I have the STS kit, they provided a T fitting. I do not know the sizes however, maybe someone else kept that info? Mine was sent as a separate item directly from another vendor but unfortunately, I did not keep any of that info. Oil pressure is still captured for your stock gauges (I have the 4 gauge cluster I installed). That is how the oil is being supplied (fed) to the Turbo (singular for us STS guys). The scavenger pump and oil return is being dumped back into the oil fill. A few of us is relocating it the oil return directly into the pan. I'm not sure what Gretchen is doing.
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