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Originally Posted by Rookie13 View Post
It seems to me that if you install the rigid framework of a sunroof in place of flat sheet-metal you are increasing the structural integrity of the roof area. ...not reduce torsional rigidity or destroy cockpit safety. If it were a cockpit safety issue, GM wouldn't offer the Sunroof as an option.
It doesn't matter how well you brace up the hole you made, the fact is you had to cut through existing solid bodyshell and bigger, more sound roofbracing in the first place. Sure, you could even run braces across the hole on both sides of the glass, but it's not going to function as a unit, meaning you get more chassis flex and stress on either side. Think about the kind of torque this car's going to be making, and without a frame to absorb any of that punishment.

As far as safety goes, I don't mean for a daily-driver. This looks like a car built for the drag strip, and racing officials tend not to like items like that.
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