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Originally Posted by skibik View Post
2004 Chevy Monte Carlo that I bought just about new but used in 2004, traded it last year for my 2012 1LT. Went from 165 HP to 323 HP and been loving it ever since. Come to think of it this 1LT has more HP then my 1971 Chevy Impala 350CI that I owned in 1982. This is the most HP I have owned and I am impressed with the V6.

we had an '04 super charged Monte, when we got our 1LT Camaro we realized the Camaro ran circles around it, so we got rid of it for a Jeep Wrangler, if we are going to have something slower, it might as well be a Wrangler
It is a good thing we got rid of the Monte when we did too, the heater core decided to burst upon leaving the house to trade her in, I just pulled off the hose going to the core and looped it back to the engine, topped off the water and proceeded to trade that piece of crap in, that car was nothing but problems, I am even surprised I stuck with Chevy, however THAT was the only Chevy I ever had any problems with. That Avalanche never let me down, come to think of it neither did any other Chevy. I figured I got the one lemon behind me.
I will NEVER own a front wheel drive car again if I can help it, too much crap to cram under the hood in my opinion......friggen thing!
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