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Camaro Sold
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Vertical Doors

I have them on Mine, You can open the doors normally if you want. they don't open ALL the way but plenty to get in and out of with no problem whatsoever. Vertical doors did it right, I would not order from anyone else. Call Vertical Doors themselves they will give you better pricing. As far as the "RICE" look, if you have an SS it is "RICE" because of the fake mail slot and fake gills. I don't think anything on a camaro is "RICE" i just hate the term for a camaro. This is a GM product not an Asian product. The car performs as advertised. I do show my car and the only time I open the doors vertically is at the show and when I'm on a trailer. Here's a few pics. go to this thread #57
The door does not sway very much at all with 25-30 mph winds and index's fine. They did not have to cut any wires at all either. It's not for everyone. Its about a 3 hour install.
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