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Originally Posted by Abygale View Post
Great! I'd love to stay for the wrap-up of all the events and awards, then head out after we eat. I imagine it will take quite a while for all those cars to leave. If you guys want to we can look into trying to make it to Memphis on Sunday which is further than Birmingham and a shorter drive for us on Monday, but I figure we all may be a little tired from the weekend and getting to bed early on Sunday may be in order too! I'm flexible so it's whatever the majority feels like doing.
Sounds good to me, I think we are pretty flexable as well, just wanna be home in time Monday to get in bed and be at work Tuesday We can workout the details in time, my friend that is coming with me has been out of town the past week and a half, so I need to get her caught up on our plans once she gets home and I'll talk to her about her thoughts for the ride home.

Also, I'm going to head over to Marc Heitz in Norman one day this week and try to talk to them about letting us use them as a meeting place that Thursday before we leave. I'll let everyone know how that goes once it happens. I called last week and am still waiting on a callback. . .thus the in-person visit
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