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Originally Posted by ShnOmac View Post
If this is true it could make for a very intriguing 2016 Z/28....
Originally Posted by ShnOmac View Post
3400 lb's and a DI V8 please.....
Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
Imagine a 5th gen V8 in that little squirt!
Guys, I wouldn't hold my breath on that. From the article, it sounds like the ATS will START at 3400 pounds, for the N/A Ecotec 4-cyl version (an appalling choice to offer in a Cadillac by the way...reading that gives me instant flashbacks of the Cimmeron).

A 5th gen V8 Camaro would likely be closer to 3600+ lbs on the same platform. The only way you get a Z/28 Camaro at 3400 lbs will either be if it is a 4-cylinder, or if it turns out to be a "stripper" model, similar to what Porche does with certain models, where leather, power seats, air conditioning, a radio, most of the sound insulation, and possibly the back seats are deleted in an all out effort to reduce weight, or, some combination of both.
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