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Finally went back to the shop

Finally had the time to get the car back to the installer and tuner for the last set of mods for now. Stuff going on the car now is:

Ported and Polished stock LS3 heads(Can't remember how much they ported them)

Hand ported and polished TB

Alky Dual nozzle Meth kit

Ported blower snout

Went up to 10-11 pounds of boost(was at 5.5)

AEM Boost/Air fuel gauges in the A-pillar

DSS 1400hp axles

G-force 9" diff

RX Monster FI Catch Can

PFADT Stage 5 Road race kit ZL spec

ZR1 Clutch

Trans Cooler

LPE dual Fuel pump

Hoping the numbers come out pretty good. I was at 620whp before the mods so hopefully it gets over 700whp. Picking the car up tomorrow. Will post the final numbers tomorrow. Finally done modding the car now hopefully.
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