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Well, I just heard from the dealership, and I will be receiving a new engine sometime next week. He told me it was a problem with the connecting rods and that the bearings were toast. So, it looks like my baby will be having a heart transplant. A bit frustrating, but glad to know that this place is doing it right. Now that I know what is actually wrong with the car, I am thinking I will go back to the first dealership and tell them what happened. I am very surprised they haven't tried to contact me yet to go over the terrible review I gave them. Don't know if I will get my money back or not, and actually wondering if it's really worth it since I will be getting a new engine. I definitely think I know where I will take my car from now on when I need work done on it though.

On a side note, does anybody have any recommendations for a catch can? That was something I was actually debating about doing anyway, so figure I might as well do it right after I get the car back. And at this rate, could have it ordered and here ready to go in when I do get it back.
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