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Originally Posted by RickRay View Post
Well I went to a Decal place and he suggested the Full Black strip on the hood all the way down to the front of the nose. Will that look OK or do I stop it at the end of the hood?????
I would like to see it first on photoshop. But he is the expert. I will do it on Monday if he's available and posts pics ASAP.
yeah, like the extended rally stripes on bumblebee, except solid. sounds good! i've seen the 2 rally stripes going down from the top of the hood all the way down to the lower lip. looked pretty sweet too! i'd prolly go with full black strip down to the end of the hood OR dual rally stripes extending beyond the hood. just kinda think the solid strip could look a little too heavy IMHO. either way, you've got a bad-ass camaro! lucky you!!

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