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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
But does he recommend it? I doubt IPF does...especially not with their warrantied setups. If you don't have their extended warranty, then I'm guessing they may not care.

But I was told by Arno (I think??...its been a while) that 9 psi was basically the max on the standard system and they felt that was a strong but safe level for an other stock LLT. I've never seen him say much about using a smaller pulley for more boost.

In fact, I've seen him say that using higher boost can result in less power in some cases ( I can't remember exactly why right now)...but if the tune for it is good, and the fuel is there I don't see why it wouldn't make more power.
For clarification, does the stock kit run 9 PSI?

Could you turn up the boost to 9 psi easily if not?
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