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Originally Posted by CamaroSkooter View Post
Was the chick cute?
YUP, got her name, DOB, and phone number LOL. From the police report. Too young for me; I'm 39 on Saturday, she was 17.
Kinda expensive way to get her info though.
I don't think my lovely wife would appreciate me contacting her for a date. My co-worker who is currently single has her info.

The officer who arrived at the scene was about my age and VERY cute. I got her name and badge number too- it's on the ticket.

Originally Posted by Hylton View Post
^ What he said and on the bright side, that's a very easy fix. Ask you dealer to paint the fascia before they call you to bring it in so that it will only be there for a few hours.
That is exactly what I was planning to do. It is only the cover. I'm thinking after they paint it, wait a week and put the clear bra back on. Then pick it up at the dealership and put it on myself.

Hylton- you are very knowledgeable. Can I replace that with a SS nose? -Thanks
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