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Factory Exhaust Option SPECULATION!!!!

Maybe this will help us while away a Sunday afternoon. Does anybody think we will get the dual stage exhaust as an option on the SS? It is about a $1600 option on the 08 vette if my memory serves me correctly.

I need to use the car as my daily driver for logistics reasons. I want it to be quiet during my daily snooze back and forth to work, but would love for it to attract attention when I get on it. I will probably lease as well, so getting it from the factory or as a dealer installed option would be a plus for me.

I will admit up front that I am speculating, but I would value others opinion on the subject. I am also not trying to say something negative about others ideas for any number of aftermarket options. The ability to customize YOUR car is one of the great things. If it doesn't come from the factory, I am sure that it will probably be available in the aftermarket as well.

Here is the basis for my speculation:

(1) At least one veiled reference from a disciple on one of the boards about GM having some cool things for us in the exhaust department. Is it a factory option or a GMPP option, unknown. (I don't have the link, before you ask, but it was not this board that I remember it from!)

(2) It is an LS3 after all, I am sure the paths and connection points would be different for sure, but it would be a variation on theme and not a total re-do.

(3) The exhaust if made by company here in Ohio whose name I cannot recall at the moment, but they do offer a similar option for other cars like Mustangs, etc.

(4) Perhaps most interestingly, and I am connecting dots here that may NOT need to be connected, I have seen ESTIMATES of the output of the LS3 with the manual of 414 and 420 hp. That is interesting because that is the difference in hp (6) that the Vette gets. I am not saying it wouldn't be available on the L99 or with an auto, but I have seen that difference between the estimates from a couple of the published pieces.

Don't have anything that I have seen that makes me think that it will be offered with the V6, but there is also nothing that says it could not be.

Let the speculation and banter begin..What does everybody think????

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