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The battery saver active notification means that there is some issue with the
charging system. Either itís not storing enough voltage (battery), not creating
enough voltage (alternator), or the voltage is getting lost from the alternator to the
battery (bad cables/corroded terminals or grounds). The ground from the battery
to the chassis is not a good one, there have been known issues with it. I added
one from the (-) post, so the striker RH side bolt. I pulled the bolts out, and pulled
the striker off. Sanded the RH bolt hole area to bare metal. Sanded the RH side of
the striker to bare metal (top and bottom), then put a 4GA ground there. This
also, after pulling the bolt from the factory ground to chassis, cleaned the bolt with
a wire wheel, and cleaned the threads in the chassis with a wire brush, like a
pipe cleaner.

If you are getting a battery saver active message, it means that your Camaroís
electrical system voltage has dropped to a critical level (less than 11.7 volts). Typical
electrical systems run at 13+ volts with the engine running. The battery should also
be over 12 volts even with the vehicle sitting. If this feature is on, assume that your
car will stop running, and get it fixed immediately.

Check to be sure the current sensor is connected, and working. If that fails, BSM can
be activated.

If it was fine, then BSM came on while you were driving, then 10:1 it's the
alternator. Check the 2-wire connection at the back of the alternator, that is
where the ECU tells the regulator how much charge voltage is needed. They
use a 5V PWM signal to control that, by changing the duty cycle (pulses).

I got a Valeo alternator for $125.77 total on eBay, so $450 is pretty high.
Advance was $409... Valeo is what's in there now, more then likely. Mine
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