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Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
1) You haven't said you'd pay a ZL1 sticker for a Z28.

2) And you have missed my point in that I don't think chassis alone gets you a Camaro that beats the ZL1 around the track without SERIOUS HP to go with it. And that serious HP in the form of a LS7. So there is no boss competitor with an LS3. So what is the alternative that gives you a Boss beater but not a ZL1 beater.

3) how do you beat the boss when the ZL1 will very likely do it, but for less money than a ZL1that makes it a boss beater for price, low 40's?

4) Or as I've asked and no one has answered, will you pay ZL1 money for the Boss Beater even though you won't get the "luxuries" the ZL1 offers. Just a car with a slightly different mission.

...boiled down to 4 questions (a familiar form)...

1) And just how MUCH is that? In context with the rest of this "comparo", below, how close to a 600+ hp GT500 do you dare to go?!

2) It's called power-to-weight. 4100/556 = 7.37 lb/hp for ZL1. Of course with GT500 moving to 620 hp, the ZL1 may "grow" as well...

A "Z/28" @ 3800/505 (LS7) = 7.52. @ 3700 lbs, we're now at 7.33. hmmm... AND we have a much closer to "ideal 50/50 distribution" with at least 200 fewer lb. on the nose than the ZL1.

3) I think if a "serious" package is manifested by GM, matching the BOSS price, $ for $, is less of an issue. Target mid-$40s, and target the BOSS times, NOT the ZL1s. The more "technical" the track, the less of an issue the 4100 lb. ZL1 will be...and I firmly believe a BOSS-leaning (as opposed to a GT500-leaning) prospect will ONLY be interested in a true BOSS competitor, in DEED and in CO$T. At this moment, they have NO HOME @ GM...for mid-$40s, OEM...

4) No...but that is NOT a fair question, because you're asking people to pay GT500 money for a BOSS...and that just is NOT necessary, is it? If you cannot compete with the BOSS, that says VOLUMES about Camaro...and GM... And if you can't, then mothball the hallowed name, and "concept", till you CAN...
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