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Originally Posted by 5.3Avalanche View Post
You customer service guys are allowed to answer questions on here too...
It's nice that you guys are here, but I haven't seen one chevy customer service post which has been helpful. Anybody else notice this? If I got paid to surf car forums and help people out, I'd definately go out of my way to answer people's questions and concerns. Heck, all of us do it for free right now!
ok, I own a chevy truck now, but Ive owned ford and dodge in the past. I aint a fanboy, and I certainly aint too happy about GM needing to be bailed out.

But what really kills me is when I go to a Chevy dealership and I start talkn 1LE and the salesman dont even know what it is. And I have to educate em. For real Chevy? This is how you re gonna get back on top. SMH. comical.

Now let me get back to watchin my Spurs!
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