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Originally Posted by MCPOAJ View Post
lol you don't have to be an ahole about it... good riddance to performance cars welcome tree hugging 30mpg car that run's 16's you know what chevy's have been able to brag about to ford since the balt's been out we've had a performance 4 banger all these years and they haven't come out with anything now they have the focus RS comes out and chevy has nothing to compete with it sure the cruze may help gm outta the slup but it's not gonna be the god car that's gonna save gm nobody is looking at this thing like they are the volt/camaro/equinox
Good riddance to a car that should have had better design.

Personally, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an LNF based cruze SS.
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P.S. - you talk like the SS was the only cobalt made, when in fact it only made a VERY small portion of cobalt sales.

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