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I have these on my car and I love them. I hardly have any debris kicked up anymore. So I ordered the ones you are looking at and I wanted them painted Bright Yellow. Now here's the issues that RPI has been having. Their customer service seems to have gone down hill. I'll try to explain this as simple as I can because they have no instructions. First, one side gets painted the color you want, white and the back(the side that would show in the wheel well) should be painted flat black. I will attach the best pictures I have so you can make the call but I love mine and they have stopped rocks hitting my paint. Pay the extra 20 bucks for the premium ones so that should be about 99 bucks painted. After you install them, the white side will be facing back and the flat black will be in the wheel wells. Here's where you have to do a bit of work. Get a small bottle of flat black paint IN A JAR. When they paint the color, they paint the lips of the guards. It's great until you look in the wheel well and where the guard meets the well, the color sticks out like a sore thumb. Just take a small paint brush and paint the lip inside he well and stop just as it peeks out from the well. I still have some touch up to get closer but as you can see, that lip disappears after you paint the lip. I hope these pictures help. If worse comes to worse, I will get the ZL1 Addons or anything because it's a must in my opinion to have guards if the wheels are kicking up debris.
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