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Originally Posted by InFiD3ViL View Post
That's high, imo. Especially their estimate of 6 hours.

I won't lie, my coilovers kicked my ass. I did it in my driveway on jack stands and it took me the entire day. But I also ran into some stuck bolts and injuries lol. I also took multiple breaks and spent a bit of time measuring and adjusting for the amount of drop I wanted. I also cut into my trunk for the adjustment extensions and made sure the cuts were perfect, but many people skip the rear extensions and I totally get not wanting to cut into your trunk floorboard. But it did add to my overall time.

If I could do it again to save $150 per hour labor I certainly would. I see no reason why an experienced shop with a lift and proper tools would need 6 hours to do this. I spent $180 at a local Goodyear for the 3 year unlimited alignment and was happy with the results. Now when I add rear camber bolts I can go back and get it adjusted at no additional cost. A one time alignment would have cost me less than $100.

I would keep searching shops for better pricing if you are intent on having it done, as I think you can do better.

Impact gun does wonders on builds. I canít spend a whole day on this. I remeber when I had to swap out my rotors/brakes on my G8. Took me 6 hours since everything was seized, and it was 90* outside and humidity was at 100%. Felt like a Chinese worker in a factory.

550$ is the cheapest so far. Another shop wanted 940$ with alignment.
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