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RICOA SHOW - CT Crew Rally Point - UPDATED

OK crew, here we go for all of you in CT planning on going to the RICOA show on the 30th:

The first map is overall plan, we rally at Point #1 at 6:30, lets be on the road by 6:45. It takes and hour to get to Hopkington's Rally Point #2. Plan is to leave Point #2 at 8am and camarovan with the crew from the north down to Emerald Square Mall for the group photo shoot and then we all leave there to the show at Diamond Hill State Park in RI.

The second map is our CT Rally Point in Vernon take Exit 66 off I-84. We've used this before and it worked out great.

Those of you in the southeast corner have a choice, either meet at Point #1 and you're welcome to head to my place (some have done that before) and follow me over OR you can shoot up I-395 and catch the Mass Pike heading straight to Point #2 before 8am. Unfortunately there is no way to hook up with you safely at the I-395/I-90 interchange or points thereafter.

So I pulled from Molloni's RICOA thread, all our members who have signed up to go below and it would be awesome to all ride up to Hopkington together in our own camarovan by meeting at Point #1:

CT 5th Gen Crew:
1. 67RS2010SS (comfirmed Point #1)
2. bluBlud (confirmed Point #1)
3. chetkan (confirmed Point #1)
4. coreyaustin17 (confirmed Point #1)
5. CoriJoe (confirmed Point #1)
6. FAIRNOT LZ1 (confirmed Point #1)
7. Freyguy08 (confirmed Point #1)
8. gutterball (confirmed Point #1)
9. Lombardi (confirmed Point #1)
10. MGM (confirmed Point #1)
11. mjn56 (confirmed Point #1)
12. myold88 (maybe)
13. One-Bad-ZL1 (confirmed Point #1)
14. Overclock (confirmed Point #1)
15. Perfucto (confirmed Point #1)
16. SCHUSS (confirmed Point #1)
17. SLO-RDE (confirmed Point #1)
18. SynergyScott (confirmed Point #1)
19. TOO-BAD (confirmed Point#1)
20. dkbmx993 (confirmed Point #1)

1. irocnroll
2. Terry_b

Can't Make It:
stt816 - gotta work, excused.

Post your confirming and your rally point please and I will update the list. LET'S DO THIS!!!! : thumbup:

UPDATED - Added CT Rally Point 1A - meeting us there at 7am are:
Chevy 3
Terry_b (Maybe)

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