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Originally Posted by Merc View Post

Wheels and tires....wheels and tires....

....that's all that I really NEED any time soon.....

well, tires that is. My rear left is balder than a....(insert joke here)'s bald. AND...I have a nail in it.

Solution? Just buy some new rims. And if Glen EVER gets them......... then I'll be picking up the 1st set he has. Next step, drop them off at a friends place to get them painted.

Anyone have any thoughts on FLAT CGM?

I don't know... I'd just like for them to be a bit different. Black looks cool. But, I don't have much black on the car and don't want to go there adding another color. I just want the car to look "matched." And I sure as hell don't know what I'm going to do about wheel color...

But, hopefully in the next couple weeks we'll have a set in.
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