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Okay, my story.....

Was going to order this car in May '09. However, I had just taken this job and the powers to be decided I needed to attend the DA Police Academy. Hmmmmm, 20 years as Military Police and worked patrol, customs enforcement, investigations, protective services, patrol sup, duty officer, conducted law seminars, taught use/levels of force, level III combative trained, yadi yadi yadi......

So, after some discussion, it was decided to wait until I return in August. Fast forward to August 11, 2009. Got home from Missouri. Academy was in Missouri. I'm in the dealer's showroom with my favorite dealer and tell him what I want. 1LT with C & C package, non-RS SIM. Thousand bucks on the desk and he does up my order.....the wait begins.

I learn of Camaro 5, and a new world opens up! Dang, lots of folks have their cars already. I haven't seen a single one around here! Had to drive about 45 minutes to look at one. We went to a dealership in Lagrange, GA and sat in an SS that was already purchased by a customer. NO JOHN, I DID NOT DRIVE IT OR RIDE IN IT, lol. Matter or fact, I told the dealer not to even start the car! Didn't want anything to do with an SS cause I knew I would regret not ordering one.

I learn of build codes; 1100, and so then learned what 3800 meant. Finally hit that and then learned of following your train car all the way to the truck.

Anywho, come November 3rd, 2009, my dealer calls me and says, "Well, it came in early." Holy $hit! My heart stops! He sends me a picture to rub it in;

Now I can't sleep! He attached a quick video of them unloading it too. So, I'm at home watching MY CAR drive off the truck over and over and over and....... you get the idea.

Morning of the 4th, I'm riding with a buddy to get the car and forget that they're on central time. Crap, so I'm an hour early and my car is no where in sight. Wait, service is open. Maybe they know where it is????? Now, I've bought several Chevy's at this dealership so they all know me. All I get is grins and "We don't know what your talking about." Okay, I'll play your game, lol.

Dealership opens and I get my car!

I was concerned because half way through August the C & C package and frieght both went up in price. C & C also received the much discussed back up sensors too. However, dealer didn't charge me a penny more, nor did I have to pay any silly mark up that was going on then too.

1st mod:

Those bowties didn't stand a chance, plus I put in the stealth turn signal bulbs (all silver). I had these at home before the car even came in.

More to come;
Pedders Pace Car Package, Injen CAI, Flowmaster AT, AAC Lighting, ZL1 fascia/skirts, RKSport Ram Air hood, vented fenders, painted stripes (Gary's Customz), Honor and Valor badged (Thank you, John)
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