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Originally Posted by dms View Post
Spending the time and energy it has taken to have the expertise and understanding of the new Camaro has been that Pedders now has has been seriously fun, but exhausting at the same time. No one has the understanding of the amount of time it has taken to get to this point. But we did it. Every month, more and more Camaros are being sold at a very successful rate. So lots of nubees are coming into the suspension enhancement world an a daily basis. So to assist everyone, Pedders has labored hard to make a definitive explanation, about 14 pages, with a complete anaylsis of the Camaro suspension, and a detailed explanation as to why we do things the Pedders way. On a very interesting note, we have a link for you that shows why solid sway bars are on average, 15% stronger than hollow bars. This is a must read!

Here is the index:

Pedders 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Suspension Evaluation Pedders 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Suspension Evaluation - Page 2
Evaluation - Page 3 - Radius Bushes
Evaluation - Page 4 - Wheels and Tires
Evaluation- Page 5 - Sub-Frame Bushes
Evaluation - Page 6 - Driving the Camaro
Evaluation - Page 7 - Control Arm Bushes
Evaluation - Page 8 - Ride Height, Coils and Damping
Evaluation - Page 9 - Ride Height, Coils and Damping Continued
Evaluation - Page 10 - Alignment Bolts
Evaluation - Page 11 - Sway bars and Endlinks
Evaluation - Page 12 - Sway bars and Endlinks Continued
Evaluation - Page 13 - Sway Bars Endlinks Continued
Evaluation - Page 14 - Summary

Pedders now has all the p/ns for everything for the Camaro and have completed all the systems. We will have about 25 systems for you to choose from. Now this is a lot of systems to choose from. But once they are all up on our merlin store, I will make a post showing a progressive outline from system to system.

Now some will say this is too confusing to figure out. How I would respond to that question is simple. We have spent more time and energy, and money, on Camaro development, than any other vehicle in the USA. Understanding and becoming an expert on the handling of the Camaro is hard. There is no proper cookie cutter format for all set ups. This is why we have 3 different setups for the front radius rods, 2 setups for the rear differential mount bushings, 2 different options on the rear cradle bushings. Then 3 different options on sway bars. We did not just test one Camaro setup like others. We tested multiple Camaros from totally stock, to Xa Coil overs, to Xa coil overs with Street1 bushings, to our serious Track Systems. We also tested Camaros to find out what influences different sized tires have on the Camaro. We also seriously understand how hard everyone works in this market. We do not want to oversell you and give you parts, that you will not seriously see the benifit of it. So we offer different systems and will spend the time to assist you, finding the system that works perfectly for you driving habits, rear hp, tire size, and of coarse, budget. This is why we spent the energy to do this.

Here are the systems that are complete and will be in our merlin store within the next week or so. Note, some are already there.

CAMARO Coil Drop Kit 1
Camaro Coil Performance Drop Kit 2
CAMARO Street 1
Camaro Serious Street 1 Packge


Camaro Touring DROP kit 1
Camaro Touring Perf. drop Kit II

Camaro Street ii drop kit 1
Camaro Street ii Plus drop kit 1
Camaro Street II drop Kit II
Camaro Street ii Plus drop kit II

Street Extreme XA
StreetII Extreme XA PLUS

SERIOUS Track II Perf. Drop Kit II
Track II Perf. Drop Kit II
SERIOUS Track II Drop Kit 1
Track II Drop Kit 1

CAMARO Extreme XA Track

G8 Drag bushing Kit LEVEL 2
G8 Extreme Drag Package
G8 Extreme XA Drag Package

Our Pedders Camaro systems can be found at:

If you have any questions, just ask


wow i need to print and read that when the wife says its a no-go night! thanks guys!
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