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Originally Posted by 2010 SS RS View Post
I just had it re tuned down to 650 rwhp down from 732 rwhp for exactly that reason. I wanted more streetablility and to keep the tranny, driveshaft and rear end in place until I can upgrade those components. At this level it drives just like a stock SS until I stick my foot in it and then there is no mistake that the torque and HP throw it forward with unmistakable vigor. My milage on our last rally which was from Denver to South Park (where cartman is from) up and over Hooser pass elevation 12,000 ft down thru Breckenridge and back up and over Loveland Pass elevation 12,000 ft and back to Denver. 242 miles round trip and averaged 22.5 miles per gallon. On flat land trips I am averaging 26 MPG. Now keep in mind 650 RWHP=750 Crank HP. There is no way to mimmick the magnetic suspension and that is clearly a nice upgrade and no one will be competing with that on the street. Can a aftermarket suspension be better? In terms of performance I think so but not in terms of overall streetable and quiet performance.
2010 SS, I am very impressed with your MPG. I have driven Loveland Pass going from Denver to Aspen in the past. I will be curious to see how the mileage from the ZL1 compares to yours. Thanks for the info.
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