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Sorry Vikes, you are a little out of my neighborhood.......

Ladies and Gentlemen.............

I have finally nailed down Firestone and established a date for their show..... I will be Saturday September 21st at 10am with a rain date on Sunday......

At this point things are just getting started so if anyone can come up with any companies who would like to help sponsor the event that would be great and/or if they have anyone (company) in mind who would want to come out and set up a display. I think they may be able to get Townsend Bros Chevy to come out and I was thinking of asking one of the local radio stations if they would come out and set up????
At this point the show would be free to all. The only thing I am going to need is a number on how many would be attending so that we have an idea on food. This may be the only sticking point in the deal.......if it gets to be too big then Brian and the guys won't be able to cook for everyone and we would need a source for food. I think one of us made contact with the guy who owns Papa Johns in Camden who has a company Camaro. Maybe they can ask him if he would like to attend and have pizza available.

Also I made contact with laditee from SJCC.....she said they are having a show in Sept, but she is trying to get me all the details at this time.....I think its in the beginning of Sept but with my luck, it will end up on the same weekend as Firestone.
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