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Originally Posted by Vespula2012 View Post
Does anyone have any further updates on this issue? I'm still periodically vexed by it. Luckily it doesn't do it all the time. But yesterday I pulled into a parking lot and it was especially loud. Fortunately it stayed that way long enough to get it to the dealer and for them to also hear it.

After the rack was replaced it has still been there periodically, and faint. But yesterday it was notably louder. Today it is silent. I hate issues like this. When its present, it drives you crazy!
My 12' SS does it also. The dealership replaced the steering gear this week and it still does it just not quite as loud, YET... It will only do it when I'm not turning the wheel. After it gets warm on a long road trip it gets louder.
I was told I have to live with it, all of them do it. Not exactly the answer I was looking for from the dealer.
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