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I think my thermostat is stuck closed--HELP!

Last night on the way home, I drove about 10 miles on the freeway and stopped for gas.

After getting gas and getting back onto the freeway, I quickly got a DIC message about overheating, then a more severe "idle engine" message and finally a "stop engine" message. Somewhere in there is suddenly dropped back to normal temperature and the DIC message went away. But then I was watching and could see the normal temp gauge climb up, drop down, climb again. So I was thinking it was a sensor problem, not actual overheating.

When it did it again and stayed like that (about 2 miles later), I pulled over.
It was a bad place to pull over, but I did and let it cool down for a while. I limped home with several stops to pull over, using back roads instead of the freeway for safety and ease of finding places to pull over. Initially, it seemed like the problem would go away for a short while (back to normal operation temp), but then climb back up to high and stay there until I shut off the engine and let it cool off a bit. By the time I got home, it was no longer returning to normal at all, so the stops got more frequent and longer.

This seems to me like the thermostat is sticking closed, causing the high temps as the water is stuck in the engine. When/if it decides to open, temp quickly goes back to normal when flow is restored.

Normally, a thermostat replacement is a simple job. When I called a shop for a quote for a flush/fill/replace, I was quoted 2 1/2 hours for labor for the thermostat! Holy Crapballs! Looking around a little, I guess it is way on the back of the engine, passenger side? REALLY? WTFH?

Can anyone supply further details on this job? Is it HARD? Or does it really take a while? I'm not really set up to drain and refill my cooling system in my driveway, thus was looking for a shop to do a flush/fill (it needs it anyway).

I have also seen a diagram that seems to show some sort of housing on the FRONT of the engine by the water pump. Would that be involved in a t-stat replacement?

HELP! Thanks.

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