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Originally Posted by Hellfighter View Post
Isn't the coolant Dexcool, that needs to be changed every 3 years? 2009-2010 model, and is now 2018? Has not changed? seems like sludge would keep your stuff stuck or turn into sludge or something, someone chime in on this, sounds like hell.
Oh yeah, that's a min of 8 years without a coolant flush. Best thing the OP can do is take it to a Chevy dealer or reputable shop and have them troubleshoot/repair.

8 years without a proper coolant flush brings in so many possibilities, and none are good. Mine is a 2012 V6 and my manual says "routine schedule" every 5 years or 150k miles. I just did mine like 2 months ago, flush and replace. And 5 years is a long time on coolant really.

If you neglect required service, you're gonna get a big surprise and big repair bills.

DON'T neglect required services, follow the Chevy schedules closely.
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