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I THOUGHT I was following THIS part of the maintenance schedule:

First Engine Oil Change After
Every 240 000 km/150,000 Miles

. Engine cooling system drain,
flush, and refill, cooling system
and cap pressure check, and
cleaning of outside of radiator
and air conditioning condenser
(or every 5 years, whichever
occurs first). See Cooling
System on page 9‑17. An
Emission Control Service.

Note this appears to be the first mention in the Maintenance Schedule of the cooling system other than inspection. I did NOT see the parenthetical note about "or every 5 years, whichever occurs first." But why would I be looking there until I hit the section titled "Every 240 000 km/150,000 Miles". That's a messed up way to write in an earlier service need! 150,000 miles is TEN YEARS of average mileage. Why would they put a small note in the service area FIVE YEARS LATE????

So yeah, NOW I know the coolant is old. I was planning a flush/fill around now anyway.

I still have not done anything with this. Fortunately I have an extra vehicle to use.

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