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Originally Posted by RubyCamaro View Post
Okay, I'm truly a newby at this but here is my Dyno sheet from today. My mods are only Borla axleback exhaust & CAI inc cold air intake. So someone tell me.....How did Ruby do? She is an automatic. The temp was 84, humidity 48% & she has 25,540 mi on her.
Not bad ruby, but its a little hard to tell if you don't have a base number, the result while you was stock on the same dyno within identical condition. I think you might of dynoed on a low reading dynojet like the 248x. Considering your Cai should give you about 15hp I can assume that you probably would have dynoed in about 230 stock which is what we usually see stock camaros on dynojet 248x. If you ever decide to get more mods at least now you have a base to go by.
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