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Originally Posted by CamaroScotty View Post
Thanks for the comments guys!

Right now, Florida, Texas, and California seem to running into the biggest problem with "additional dealer mark up".

But this has been the trend with vettes as well, so no surprise to me. But this is a 80-100K a year car, so I see no reason why someone should pay it. Sure, I can't and won't have enough cars for everyone, but we'll help who we can. Point is - shop around before paying any added mark WILL find a deal.
Yea Florida has been hit pretty hard with it...sadly I wanted oh so badly to drive away in a chevy truck a few years back...long story short...I was a college student and had to go with Ford.

I am sorry....but 20k for a 4banger colorado is bull s---. I think if we are patient and wait it out some prices will come down. For those of you who NEED the camaro the first month its available...well, your gonna have to do some hunting or talk to scotty.
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