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Originally Posted by GhostOutlaw View Post
Actually, I remember watching the episode when they got their hands on the camaro. They compared it to a merc 3x the price. The merc was a few seconds faster, and the camaro did put up a garbage time on the track. But I kind of remember all 3 hosts saying they would take the camaro over the merc in the end.
I thought Richard was alone in that debate. Jeremy still believes the Camaro is only driven by murderers. Plus he's a big merc fan anyway. Kinda funny when you think of all the times they bring up how they beat the germans. Don't remember James ever being in that debate. But he did love the CTS-V and I say thats close enough.

They may be hypocrites at times(mostly Clarkson) and hate my favorite country(again Clarkson), but I still love them.

On the 60 Minutes, I wonder if they are going to have the rest of the gang there to answer questions with "some say" style answers.
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